14. Januar 2019 | News

Workshop:„Why to Fight against Dictatorship at high personal costs? Studying Political Activism and its Leadership in Autocracies”

On 17-18 January 2019, PD Dr. Sonja Grimm (University of Konstanz/University of Basel) and Dr. Annika Elena Poppe (Peace Research Institute Frankfurt) will hold a workshop on „Why to fight against dictatorship at high personal costs? Studying political activism and its leadership in autocracies“ at the Peace Research Institute (PRIF) in Frankfurt.

The workshop calls upon researchers from the social sciences (e.g. political science, sociology, history, anthropology, ethnology, political psychology and related disciplines) to propose papers for presentation upon political activism and its leadership in autocracies. The focus is on political activism that challenges authoritarian incumbents (as for example anti-regime movements, resistance movements, dissident networks, human rights movements, or pro-democracy movements). Paper givers discuss theoretical frameworks, empirical research (large-n & small-n studies), and methodological advancement using a multitude of social science research methods.

The intended interdisciplinary dialogue shall shed new light upon reasons, motivation and mobilization mechanisms of political activism which challenges authoritarian rule. The workshop might serve as the starting point for creating an inter-disciplinary scholarly network on political activism in autocracies. During the workshop’s discussions, the participants will have time to explore the options of possibly creating a cooperative research project around the workshop’s topics.

More information about the program of the workshop here.

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