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… “External Democracy Promotion” (EDP) is an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional working group of scholars from the social sciences. Our main focus is on international and comparative studies. Participants come from universities and research institutes in Europe.


15. December 21 | News

Julia Leininger featured in German F.A.Z. Podcast

On December 15th, the popular German news outlet FAZ published a podcast featuring EDP member Julia Leininger, who discussed the global wave of authocratization and the ways in which the European Foreign Policy should deal with these developments. You can …

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9. December 21 | News

Solveig Richter hosts Public Panel Discussion About Afghanistan at the University of Leipzig

On December 9th, EDP member Solveig Richter hosted a public panel discussion on the topic of „Afghanistan: Views from Inside and Outside“. Klaus Schlichte, Sarah Bressan, Siddharth Tripathi and Sajid Arghandaiwal joined as panelists. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the …

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2. December 21 | News

Leonie Holthaus organized lecture on the Rise of Populism with Sheri Berman from Columbia University

On December 2nd, professor Sheri Berman from Columbia University held a Zoom lecture on democratic discontent, the rise of populism and the decline of the left. The event was organized by EDP member Leonie Holthaus and was part of the …

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25. November 21 | News

Tina Freyburg co-hosts Event for Female High School Graduates at St. Gallen University

On November 25th, the University of St. Gallen hosted an information day for female high school graduates. The girls were given the possibility to visit the campus, to ask questions about the admission process, to get in touch with the …

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Rebecca Wagner, Jonas Wolff, Nora Berger-Kern, Fabian Hetz | 2021

Defending Civic Space: Successful Resistance Against NGO Laws in Kenya and Kyrgyzstan

in: Global Policy, Volume 12, Issue S5, July 2021

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Benjamin Schütze | 2021

Promoting Democracy, Reinforcing Authoritarianism: US and European Policy in Jordan

in: Cambridge Middle East Studies, Cambridge University Press

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Leonie Holthaus | 2021

Practice Theory and the Opening Up of International Organizations

In: Global Studies Quarterly, Volume 1, Issue 3, September 2021

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EDP Wire

8. December 21 | Rebecca Wagner

Parliamentary Elections in Kyrgyzstan: Another Relevant Jigsaw Piece in a new Process of Autocratization?

In the run-up to the Kyrgyz parliamentary elections on October 28th, Rebecca Wagner sheds a light on the recent developments in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan that indicate another wave of autocratization, and raises the question on whether the election results will further pave the way for an autocratic system to arise.

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17. September 21 | Jonas Wolff, Rebecca Wagner

Germany’s Approach to Democracy Promotion in a Multipolar World: Views of the political parties before the upcoming 2021 Bundestag election

In the run-up to the German parliamentary elections on September 26, this article compares how political parties represented in parliamentary strength in the outgoing German Bundestag position themselves towards international democracy promotion and protection.

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