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… “External Democracy Promotion” (EDP) is an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional working group of scholars from the social sciences. Our main focus is on international and comparative studies. Participants come from universities and research institutes in Europe.


26. June 24 | News

The EDP Network Has a New Member: Welcome, Marina Nord!

We are happy to announce that Marina Nord has joined the EDP Network as a member and are looking forward to working with her. Marina Nord is an expert in the areas of autocratization and democratization processes, with special focus …

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10. June 24 | News

Sonja Grimm Named Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the HE Project ‘InvigoratEU’

Prof. Dr. Sonja Grimm has been named Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the collaborative research project “InvigoratEU: Invigorating Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy for a Resilient Europe”. The InvigoratEU project, funded by Horizon Europe (2024-2027), examines the EU’s enlargement …

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20. December 23 | News

Inken von Borzyskowski Joins Oxford University as Professor of International Relations

Our member Inken von Borzyskowski joined Oxford University as Professor of the Department  International Relations this fall. Her research focuses on the domestic politics of international relations with an emphasis on international organizations and their effect on domestic conflict and …

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20. November 23 | News

Julia Leininger Is Member of the Advisory Board for Civilian Crisis Prevention and Peacebuilding

Our member Julia Leininger got assigned to be part of the advisory board for Civilian Crisis Prevention and Peacebuilding of the German government. Her reserach focusses on international support and protection of democracy, political regime change in developing regions, future …

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Marina Nord, Fabio Angiolillo, Martin Lundstedt, Felix Wiebrecht, Staffan I. Lindberg | 2024

When autocratization is reversed: Episodes of democratic turnarounds since 1900

In: V-Dem Working Paper No. 147

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Irenne Weipert-Fenner, Federico M. Rossi, Nadine Sika, Jonas Wolff | 2024

Trust and social movements: A new research agenda

In: International Journal of Comparative Sociology, Volume 0: Ahead of Print

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Inken von Borzyskowski, Felicity Vabulas | 2024

Public support for withdrawal from international organizations: Experimental evidence from the US

In: The Review of International Organizations, Volume 19, Issue 2

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EDP Wire

20. April 24 | Benjamin Schütze

Supporting plausible acts of genocide: Red lines and the failure of German Middle Eastern Studies

19 April 2024. In this essay Benjamin Schütze discusses Germany’s support for Israel’s onslaught in Gaza following the January 26, 2024 ICJ ruling, the emergence of several “red lines” in German discourse surrounding the Israel-Palestine conflict and the role of …

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9. February 24 | Benjamin Schütze, Elia El Khazen, Charlotte Mueller

Facilitating energy flows, containing humans – Authoritarian energy transitions in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region

8 February 2024. Portrayed as a ‘green revolution’, European investments in renewables are extracting energy and profits, while bypassing local communities, strengthening authoritarian governments, increasing indebtedness and privatising economies – an essay by Benjamin Schütze and others. This EDP Wire …

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