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… “External Democracy Promotion” (EDP) is an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional working group of scholars from the social sciences. Our main focus is on international and comparative studies. Participants come from universities and research institutes in Germany and Switzerland.


9. May 19 | News

EDP Special Issue “The negotiation of democracy promotion. Issues, parameters and consequences“ online now as open access

Our most recent EDP publication “The negotiation of democracy promotion. Issues, parameters and consequences“, a Special Issue in Democratization, is available now. As part of our open access policy, all articles are available as open access publication at the homepage of Democratization.

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23. April 19 | News

Documentary ‘Citizens Offline’ by EDP member Tina Freyburg, nominated for Golden Impala Award, is online now

The documentary ‘Citizens Offline’ by our EDP member Tina Freyburg of the University of St. Gallen and two of her colleagues, Veronique Wavre and Lisa Garbe, nominated for the Golden Impala Award at the Amakula International Film Festival in Uganda in March is now available online for the broader public.

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Annika Elena Poppe, Julia Leininger, Jonas Wolff | 2019

The negotiation of democracy promotion. Issues, parameters and consequences

in: Democratization (2019), 26:5.

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Annika E. Poppe | 2019

Harmony and Resilience: US Democracy Promotion’s Basic Premises

in: Foreign Policy Analysis (2019) 0, 1-18.

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EDP Network | 2018

Democracy Promotion in Times of Uncertainty

PRIF Report 13/2018, Peace Research Institute Frankfurt.

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EDP Wire

23. April 19 | Prakash Bhattarai

The New Federal Structure in Nepal: Challenges and Opportunities for Quality Governance

This EDP Wire was written by Dr. Prakash Bhattarai, Director of the Centre for Social Change in Nepal and a former PRIF guest researcher by invitation of the EDP Network. In his article, he argues that if managed well, the new federal structure of Nepal as provisioned in the Constitution of 2015 has an immense potential to promote local democracy and equip citizens with fundamental rights but also finds that Nepal is practicing federalism in the midst of fear, mistrust, and dubious mind-sets of political elites without a clear vision of its future.

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21. March 19 | Solveig Richter, Natasha Wunsch

How EU conditionality entrenches state capture in the Western Balkans

This EDP Wire was originally posted on The article argues that the EU enlargement process in the Western Balkans has fallen short of reproducing the transformative impact it had in Central and Eastern Europe. EDP member Solveig Richter and …

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