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… “External Democracy Promotion” (EDP) is an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional working group of scholars from the social sciences. Our main focus is on international and comparative studies. Participants come from universities and research institutes in Germany and Switzerland.


21. January 19 | News

EDP Workshop: „Why to Fight against Dictatorship at high personal costs?”

Under the direction of two of our network members, Sonja Grimm (University of Konstanz / University of Basel) and Annika Elena Poppe (PRIF), the EDP network organized a workshop on January 17–18 on “Why to fight against dictatorship at high personal costs? Studying political activism and its leadership in autocracies” at the Peace Research Institute (PRIF) in Frankfurt.

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14. January 19 | News

Workshop:„Why to Fight against Dictatorship at high personal costs? Studying Political Activism and its Leadership in Autocracies”

On 17-18 January 2019, PD Dr. Sonja Grimm (University of Konstanz/University of Basel) and Dr. Annika Elena Poppe (Peace Research Institute Frankfurt) will hold a workshop on “Why to fight against dictatorship at high personal costs? Studying political activism and …

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Annika E. Poppe | 2019

Harmony and Resilience: US Democracy Promotion’s Basic Premises

in: Foreign Policy Analysis (2019) 0, 1-18.

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EDP Network | 2018

Democracy Promotion in Times of Uncertainty

PRIF Report 13/2018, Peace Research Institute Frankfurt.

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Johannes Gerschewski, Alexander Dukalskis | 2018

Justifying Dictatorship


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EDP Wire

19. February 19 | Jonas Wolff

Democracy Promotion in the Americas

In this last piece of our EDP Wire Series, Jonas discusses the problems of the regional system of democracy promotion in the Americas. He argues that the region has one of the most advanced regimes of democracy and human rights protection world-wide, but that there are no regional actors that have sufficient credibility, capacity and political will to respond to the serious challenges to, and in part open crises of, democracy that can be observed in the region.

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12. February 19 | Julia Leininger

Democracy Promotion in Africa

Julia discusses the various challenges that democracy promotion in Africa is faced with. She calls for more integrated approaches by donors and multilateral organizations, as well as a stronger recognition of and clear commitments to shared democratic norms between external democracy promoters and African societies.

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