September 28, 2016 | News

EDP Network endorses Call for Solidarity in support of Turkish academics

Turkish academics who signed the Peace Petition have been linked by the Government of Turkey with the coup attempt in July 2016. Following the coup attempt, the government and university administrations systematically attempted to purge public services from influences of the Gülen movement. More than 41 members of “Academics for Peace” and the Education and Science Workers Union (Eğitim­SEN) were permanently banned from their jobs at Turkish universities, all under the accusation of being “supporters of terrorism” and being affiliated to the Gülen movement.

The EDP Research Network expresses its deep concerns about the threats to academic freedom and freedom of expression in Turkey. We fully endorse the Call for Solidarity by Academics for Peace and our thoughts are with our Turkish colleagues and with everyone currently suffering from the assault on academic freedom and other repressive measures.

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