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Leonie Holthaus

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Leonie Holthaus is a senior research fellow at Technical University of Darmstadt. Her research is focused on democratization and international relations.

Leonie entered academia with works on the legitimation of the monarchical rule on the Arabian Peninsula. In her PhD and the monograph (2018) resulting from it, she contributes to theoretical international relations by reconstructing the impact of democratization on international relations and left-liberal democratic peace theories.

After research on German and North American democracy promotion in transitory Tunisia, Leonie now tackles the historical and epistemic development of democracy promotion practices. In addition, Leonie pursues a cooperative research project with Prof. Michael Christensen (Carleton University) that investigates how democracy promoters respond to disinformation in both transformative states and established democracies.

Leonie has been a visiting scholar at Aberystwyth University, Cambridge University, Copenhagen University, and the University of Queensland. In 2020, she has served as acting professor at Potsdam University.

More about Leonie Holthaus here.

Contact: leonie.holthaus [at] external-democracy-promotion.eu

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Publications by Leonie Holthaus

Leonie Holthaus | 2021

Democratic Peace as a Horizon of Expectation: Liberalism and Pluralism Revisited

in: Springer International Publishing

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Leonie Holthaus | 2019

Long Live the Neo-traditional Kings? The Gulf Cooperation Council and Legitimation of Monarchical Rule in the Arabian Peninsula

in: Middle East Critique, 28:4, 381-403

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Leonie Holthaus | 2019

Is there difference in democracy promotion? A comparison of German and US democracy assistance in transitional Tunisia

in: Democratization, 26:7, 1216-1234

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Leonie Holthaus | 2018

Furthering Pluralism? The German Foundations in Transitional Tunisia

in: Voluntas – International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, 30:6, 1284-1296

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