June 1, 2023 | News

Methodology workshop of EMBRACE project

The consortium of the EU-funded research project EMBRACE (EMBRAcing ChangE: Overcoming obstacles and advancing democracy in the European Neighbourhood) met in Konstanz at the end of April for the Methodology Workshop. The event opened with a public roundtable on the future prospects of the EU’s Eastern Partnership, which led to a lively discussion among the speakers from Ukraine, Serbia, Belarus and Germany (Karina Shyrokykh, Stockholm University; Nebojša Vladisavljević, University of Belgrade; Olga Shparaga, Institute for Human Sciences, Austria; Dirk Leuffen and Sonja Grimm, both University of Konstanz). Sonja Grimm presented the overall methodology of the project, while the leaders of the five thematic work packages introduced their methodologies. Rich discussions and feedback from colleagues and members of the external advisory board (including Christoph Zürcher, Anke Höffler, Anja Osei, Olga Shparaga, Julia Leininger and Kate Fearon) in plenary and small group sessions were the excellent outcome of the two-day workshop.

The revised Theory Framework paper will shortly be public and available on the project website.

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