October 1, 2018 | News

Network meeting at PRIF in Frankfurt during the 27th GPSA congress

On September 27, our network members gathered during the 27th congress of the German Political Science Association (GPSA) at Goethe University Frankfurt to catch up on network related activities. During the meeting we discussed final touches to our joint policy paper on “Democracy Promotion in Times of Uncertainty” which will be published very soon. We also updated each other on the status of our Special Issue about “Democracy Promotion as Negotiation”, whose contributions are now all under review in a peer reviewed journal. Furthermore, Sonja presented the draft for an EDP workshop in cooperation with the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt in February 2019. The workshop intends to bring different perspectives together in order to comprehensively analyze and explain the reasons, motivation and mobilization mechanisms of political activism and its leadership in autocracies. A call for papers will be published on our website soon.

All network members also took part in different panels of the 27th GPSA congress. Tina and Johannes participated in a panel that shed light on the survival strategies of non-democracies; Jonas hosted a panel on the limits of international democracy promotion and was joined by Julia and Solveig; and Sonja and Annika hosted a panel revisiting EU instruments of democracy promotion and their (limited) effectiveness, in which Vera and Tina also presented research

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