11. August 2022 | Publication

Talk from the Top: Leadership and Self-Legitimation in International Organizations

in: International Studies Review, Volume 24, Issue 3

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11. July 2022 | Publication

From the Varieties of Democracy to the defense of liberal democracy: V-Dem and the reconstitution of liberal hegemony under threat

in: Contemporary Politics

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10. May 2022 | Publication

Why “Democracy Promotion” should play no role in a values-based German foreign policy in the MENA region

in: Orient II 2022, “Germany’s role in the MENA region: Between continuity and change”

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1. May 2022 | Publication

Citizens in peace processes

in: Journal of Conflict Resolution

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1. May 2022 | Publication

What Role do Local Elections Play for Societal Peace in Nepal?

in: GDI Discussion Paper 4/2022

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15. April 2022 | Publication

Autocratization Changing Nature?

in: Democracy Report 2022, Varieties of Democracy Institute (V-Dem)

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1. April 2022 | Publication

The local turn and the Global South in critical peacebuilding studies

in: PRIF Working Papers No. 57

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30. March 2022 | Publication

From Elite Bargains to (More) Open and (More) Inclusive Politics

in: Report. University of Reading, Reading. pp78.

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20. March 2022 | Publication

How political is Republicanism? Walking the fine line between moralism and realism

in: Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy , Volume 25, Issue 4

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18. March 2022 | Publication

A Loyal Base: Support for Authoritarian Regimes in Times of Crisis

in: OSF Preprints

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