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Seraphine Maerz

Former EDP Network Member

Seraphine Maerz is Principal Investigator and Project Leader of the DFG-funded project „Smart Authoritarianism? Comparing the Internet Strategies of Authoritarian Regimes“. Before she was Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science as well as Deputy Director of the Varieties of Democracy Institute at the University of Gothenburg. She holds a Ph.D. from Central European University.

In her research, Seraphine studies the language of political leaders or inquiries about “Pandemic Backsliding” during the Covid-19 pandemic. More broadly, she analyzes patterns in episodes of democratization and autocratization. Seraphine works with qualitative and quantitative methods and is passionate about cutting-edge approaches such as fsQCA, quantitative text analysis, web scraping and other computational methods.

Read more about Seraphine Maerz on her personal webpage.

Contact: seraphine.maerz [at]

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Publications by Seraphine Maerz

Seraphine Maerz, Amanda B. Edgell, Jean Lachapelle, Anna Lührmann | 2021

Pandemic backsliding: Violations of democratic standards during Covid-19

in: Social science & medicine, Volume 285

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Vanessa A. Boese, Amanda B. Edgell, Sebastian Hellmeier, Seraphine Maerz, Staffan I. Lindberg | 2021

How democracies prevail: democratic resilience as a two-stage process

in: Democratization, Online First.

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Seraphine Maerz | 2020

The Many Faces of Authoritarian Persistence: A Set-Theory Perspective on the Survival Strategies of Authoritarian Regimes

in: Government and Opposition, 55:1, 64-87

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Seraphine Maerz | 2019

Simulating Pluralism: The Language of Democracy in Hegemonic Authoritarianism

in: Political Research Exchange, 1:1, 1-23

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Seraphine Maerz, Carsten Q. Schneider | 2019

Comparing Public Communication in Democracies and Autocracies – Automated Text Analyses of Speeches by Heads of Government

in: Quality & Quantity, 54, 517–545

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Seraphine Maerz | 2018

Ma’naviyat in Uzbekistan: An Ideological Extrication from Its Soviet Past?

in: Journal of Political Ideologies, 23:2, 205-222

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Seraphine Maerz, Carsten Q. Schneider | 2017

Legitimation, Cooptation, and Repression and the Survival of Electoral Autocracies

in: Zeitschrift für Vergleichende Politikwissenschaft, 11:2, 213–235

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Seraphine Maerz | 2016

The Electronic Face of Authoritarianism: E-Government as a Tool for Gaining Legitimacy in Competitive and Non-Competitive Regimes

in: Government Information Quarterly, 33:4, 727–735

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