March 15, 2019 | News

Vera Van Hüllen reviews new handbook on peace, conflict and democracy research

Vera van Hüllen was recently invited to review the new handbook “Peace research, conflict research, and democracy research” edited by Gertraud Diendorfer, Blanka Bellack, Anton Pelinka and Werner Wintersteiner. Her review in the European Review of International Studies (Vol. 5, Issue 2/2018) applauds the attempt to bring together “these three distinct but interconnected research fields” that are “usually treated separately as distinct research programmes or (sub-) disciplines” (87). The book addresses scholars, students and the politically interested public as it combines “academic excellence with social relevance” (87). Vera argues that, even though most authors of the edition have a political sciences background, “the handbook succeeds in presenting a profound and concise guide to the three fields of research and makes a great contribution by pushing scholars, students, and the broader public to reflect upon their responsibility in the social sciences and in society for facing the timeless challenges of conflict, peace, and democracy.” (90)

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