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… “External Democracy Promotion” (EDP) is an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional working group of scholars from the social sciences. Our main focus is on international and comparative studies. Participants come from universities and research institutes in Germany and Switzerland.


29. March 17 | News

Guest researcher Jalale G. Birru at PRIF to focus on Peacebuilding through Democratization

From February until April 2017, Jalale Getachew Birru joins PRIF to work on her thesis about “Building Peace through Democratization: Institutional Building in Ethnically Divided Post-Conflict Sub-Saharan African Countries”. Jalale is a doctoral candidate at the Willy Brandt School of Public …

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3. March 17 | News

Johannes Gerschewski currently on staff exchange at the DIE in Bonn

From mid-February until early March, Johannes Gerschewski (HU Berlin) is Julia Leininger’s guest at the German Development Institute (DIE) in Bonn. During this staff exchange among network members, Julia and Johannes discuss the status of current research projects. Julia and …

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Jonas Wolff, Hans-Joachim Spanger | 2017

The interaction of interests and norms in international democracy promotion

in: Journal of International Relations and Development, 20: 1, 80-107.

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Jonas Wolff | 2016

Negotiating interference: US democracy promotion, Bolivia and the tale of a failed agreement

in: Third World Quarterly, published online: 21 March 2016.

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EDP Wire

29. March 17 | Jonas Wolff

Negotiating Democracy Promotion – Negotiating Interference: The case of US-Bolivian relations

In September 2009, the US Embassy in La Paz declared that it would phase out USAID’s democracy program in Bolivia. Following years of complaining about alleged US attempts to destabilize democracy in the country, the Bolivian government had instructed USAID to close its democracy promotion activities in the country, …

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22. January 17 | Annika Elena Poppe

Demokratieförderpolitik unter Trump: Rhetorische Wende bei gleichbleibender Politik?

Demokratieförderung gilt vielen Beobachterinnen und Beobachtern als aktive Friedenspolitik – nicht zuletzt aufgrund des Befundes, dass Demokratien sehr selten Kriege untereinander führen. Gleichzeitig ist aggressive, teilweise mit militärischen Mitteln betriebene Demokratieförderpolitik, ganz offensichtlich kein friedfertiges Unterfangen. Glaubt man Trumps Wahlkampfaussagen, so steht die US-Demokratieförderpolitik vor einer deutlichen Wende.

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