April 6, 2019 | News

EDP informal expert meeting in Berlin: Democracy needs help! Which role can Germany and Europe play in the world?

During an informal expert meeting at the Federal Press and Information Office in Berlin on April 4, 2019, EDP network member Julia Leininger (DIE) together with European Network of Political Foundations (ENoP) members addressed opportunities and challenges of democracy support worldwide based on the results of our most recent PRIF Report on “Democracy Promotion in Times of Uncertainty“.

Together with representatives from the German Bundestag and the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the discussants elaborated on how a positive guideline on democracy support could look alike, whether Germany and the European Union currently have the right democracy support instruments to address global challenges and which new role Germany could play in the European Union. That Germany could and actually should play a more crucial role in furthering the democracy and human rights agenda and in shaping the next EU financial instruments was agreed upon.

Germany is one of the biggest donors on democracy and good governance and together with its political foundations can rely on relevant practical experience in democracy support and development cooperation. In order to take up this role, a more profound reflection of our democratic self-understanding and values is needed. As a matter of concern for the internal and external status of democracy, the erosion of democratic principles within the European Union was debated. Democracy has not yet lost its attraction; however, it needs to deliver and provide solutions to people’s concerns such as declining social policy standards. For more details on the policy recommendations, please have a look at our PRIF Report.

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