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Tina Freyburg

In her professional life, Tina Freyburg is a comparative political scientist with a background in international and European politics and a keen interest in applied social science methodology. She works as a Professor of Comparative Politics in the School of Economics and Political Science at the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland.

Tina studied political science, psychology, and media and communication in Heidelberg, Mannheim, Berlin (FU), and Lausanne. While working on her dissertation at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich (Feb. 2011), at the latest, she has developed a strong interest in systematic empirical and exact methodological research. Before returning to Switzerland in 2015, she worked at the University of Warwick (UK), the European University Institute in Florence (Italy), and the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University (USA), among others.

In her research, Tina studies the chances and risks that emerge for democracy in a globalizing and digitalizing world. Current projects examine the perception and the quality of democracy beyond the nation-state, and the promotion of democracy through conditionality and private business. It is her personal aspiration to inspire people to contribute to a humanistic and optimistic democratic society balancing individual and social interests and needs, worldwide.

More about Tina Freyburg here.

Contact: tina.freyburg [at] external-democracy-promotion.eu

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Publications by Tina Freyburg

Tina Freyburg, Tobias Böhmelt | 2018

Forecasting candidate states’ compliance with EU accession rules, 2017–2050

in: Journal of European Public Policy 25:11, 1667-1685.

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Tina Freyburg, Lisa Garbe | 2018

Blocking the Bottleneck: Internet Shutdowns and Ownership at Election Times in Sub-Saharan Africa.

in: International Journal of Communication 12, 3896-3916.

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Tina Freyburg, Sandra Lavenex | 2017

Democracy Promotion By Functional Cooperation

in: Schumacher, Tobias/Demmelhuber Thomas/Machetti Andreas (eds.): Routledge Handbook of the European Neighbourhood Policy. London: Routledge, 467-480.

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Tina Freyburg, Sandra Lavenex, Frank Schimmelfennig | 2017

Just an Illusion? Democratization in the International Realm

in: Swiss Political Science Review, published online: 25 August 2017.

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Tina Freyburg | 2015

Transgovernmental Networks as an Apprenticeship in Democracy? Socialization into Democratic Governance through Cross-national Activities

in: International Studies Quarterly 59: 1, 59-72.

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Tina Freyburg, et al. | 2015

Democracy Promotion by Functional Cooperation: The European Union and Its Neighbourhood

London: Palgrave.

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Tina Freyburg, Solveig Richter | 2015

Local Actors in the Driver’s Seat: Transatlantic Democracy Promotion under Regime Competition in the Arab World

in: Democratization 22: 3, 496-518.

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Tobias Böhmelt, Tina Freyburg | 2015

Diffusion of Compliance in the ‘Race towards Brussels?’ A Spatial Approach to EU Accession Conditionality

in: West European Politics 38: 3, 601-626.

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Tobias Böhmelt, Tina Freyburg | 2013

The Temporal Dimension of the Credibility of EU Conditionality and Candidate States’ Compliance with the Acquis Communautaire, 1998-2009

in: European Union Politics 14: 2, 250-272.

Julia Leininger, Sonja Grimm, Tina Freyburg | 2013

Do all Good Things Go Together? Conflicting Objectives in Democracy Promotion. A Special Issue Book

London, Routledge.

Tina Freyburg | 2012

The Two Sides of Functional Cooperation with Authoritarian Regimes: A Multi-level Perspective on the Conflict of Objectives between Political Stability and Democratic Change

in: Democratization 19: 3, 575-601.

Julia Leininger, Sonja Grimm, Tina Freyburg | 2012

Do all Good Things Go Together? Conflicting Objectives in Democracy Promotion. A Democratization Special Issue

in: Democratization 19: 3 [also published as Special Issue Book, London: Routledge].

Tina Freyburg | 2011

Transgovernmental Networks as Catalysts for Democratic Change? EU Functional Cooperation with Arab Authoritarian Regimes and Socialization of Involved State Officials into Democratic Governance

in: Democratization 18: 4, 1001–1025.

Tina Freyburg | 2011

Demokratisierung durch Zusammenarbeit? Funktionale Kooperation mit аutoritären Regimen und Sozialisation in demokratischem Regieren

in: Zeitschrift für Internationale Beziehungen 18: 1, 5-46.

Solveig Richter, Tina Freyburg | 2010

National Identity Matters: The Limited Impact of EU Political Conditionality in the Western Balkans

in: Journal of European Public Policy 17: 2, 263-281.

Tina Freyburg | 2009

Democrats without Democracy? Linkage and Socialization into Democratic Governance in Authoritarian Regimes

NCCR Working Paper, No. 37.

Tina Freyburg, et al. | 2009

EU Promotion of Democratic Governance in the Neighbourhood

in: Journal of European Public Policy 16: 6, 916-934.

Tina Freyburg, Solveig Richter | 2009

Antizipierte EU-Mitgliedschaft: Zur Wirkung politischer Konditionalität auf Demokratisierungsprozesse in der Nachbarschaft, Das Ende des postsozialisitischen Raums? (Ent-)Regionalisierung in Osteuropa

Beiträge für die 17. Tagung Junger Osteuropa-Experten. No. 104, 43-46.

Tina Freyburg, et al. | 2008

Neue Wege der externen Demokratieförderung; Demokratisches Regieren in der Europäischen Nachbarschaftspolitik

in: Erdmann, Gero/Kneuer, Marianne (eds.): Externe Faktoren der Demokratisierung, Baden-Baden: Nomos, 169-193.

Tina Freyburg, Tatiana Skripka, Anne Wetzel | 2007

Democracy between the Lines? EU Promotion of Democratic Governanve via Sector-specific Co-operation

NCCR Working Paper, No. 5.

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