5. April 2022 | News

EDP Network at ISA 2022 in Nashville

The EDP network organised a panel discussion titled „Democracy Promotion as a Changing Constellation of Practices“ during the ISA 2022 in Nashville. Leonie Holthaus, Sarah von Billerbeck, Julia Leininger, Solveig Richter and Jonas Wolff presented up-to-date research and debated about practices in policy orientation, the understanding and definition of democracy support by practitioners, the role of state capture and informal networks for democracy support, and policy boundaries in human rights and democracy promotion.

On the picture, from left to right: Jonas Wolff, Britta Weiffen, Daniel Nowack, Solveig Richter, Leonie Holthaus, Julia Leininger, Rebecca Wagner, Sarah S Stroup, and Sarah von Billerbeck.

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