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… „Externe Demokratisierungspolitik“ (EDP) ist eine interdisziplinäre und institutionenübergreifende Arbeitsgruppe von Politikwissenschaftler*innen mit den Schwerpunkten Internationale und Vergleichende Studien. Die Netzwerkmitglieder forschen und lehren an Universitäten und Forschungsinstituten in Europa.


27. Mai 21 | News

Inken von Borzyskowski awarded British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship

Fellowship will fund fieldwork for Inken’s second book on states exiting international organisations

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6. Mai 21 | News

“A well-reasoned and communicated boycott could indeed send a strong signal for human rights”

Network member Leonie Holthaus was interviewed on a potential boycott of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar

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12. April 21 | News

Workshop co-organized by Brigitte Weiffen studies impact of Belt and Road Initiative on democracy

From 12-14 March 2021, the online workshop “China’s Belt and Road Initiative: curse or blessing for democracy in Eurasia?” was held at the OSCE Academy in Bishkek.

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29. März 21 | News

Junior Researcher Conference on Authoritarianism and Democracy

Virtual event, co-organized by network member Benjamin Schütze, brought together researchers from nine countries.

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Johannes Gerschewski, Michael Zürn | 2021

Sketching the Liberal Script. A Target of Contestations

SCRIPTS Working Paper No. 10

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Adam Day, Sarah von Billerbeck, Oisín Tansey, Ayham Al Maleh | 2021

Peacebuilding and authoritarianism: the unintended consequences of UN engagement in post-conflict settings

Report, United Nations University

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Vanessa A. Boese, Amanda B. Edgell, Sebastian Hellmeier, Seraphine Maerz, Staffan I. Lindberg | 2021

How democracies prevail: democratic resilience as a two-stage process

in: Democratization, Online First.

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Jonas Wolff | 2021

Talking about self-determination: Contested conceptions and political implications of an undisputed concept

In: Ish-Shalom, Piki (ed.): Concepts at Work: On the Linguistic Infrastructure of World Politics, Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press, 24-42.

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EDP Wire

27. Mai 21 | Jonas Wolff

The EU, Venezuela, and democracy promotion: A rejoinder to Elliott Abrams’ comments

In this EDP Wire, Jonas Wolff responds to Elliott Abrams’ critical comment on an article Jonas published earlier this year with the European Democracy Hub. In his blog post “The EU and Venezuela: More Bad Advice”, published on the website …

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27. April 21 | Rebecca Wagner, Mikhail Polianskii

Breaking the vicious circle: Can the new Moldovan president Sandu succeed in balancing relations with the EU and Russia?

For the first time in its history, the Republic of Moldova has voted for an openly pro-Western president. De­spite facing domestic and international difficulties, the newly elected Moldovan head of state Maia Sandu could manage to solve dire economic problems at home, while securing the support of both Russia and the European Union. This could have longstanding consequences for both the country itself and for all the other states of the common EU-Russian neighborhood.

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