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7. August 19 | News

Johannes Gerschewski joins Cluster of Excellence „SCRIPTS“

In June 2019, Johannes returned to Berlin and joined the Cluster of Excellence „Contestations of the Liberal Script (SCRIPTS)“ at Freie Universität Berlin. „SCRIPTS“ is a joint endeavor of various Berlin-based universities and research institutes that are dedicated to analyze the various contestations that liberalism expereinces, ranging from populism, authoritarianism, nationalism, to questions of citizenship and migration, from social inequality and free markets to different understandings of temporalities and critiques of ideas of linear progress. The Cluster is explicitly global, historical, and global in its outlook, unifying various disciplines under one thematic umbrella.

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9. Mai 19 | News

EDP Special Issue “The negotiation of democracy promotion. Issues, parameters and consequences“ online now as open access

Our most recent EDP publication “The negotiation of democracy promotion. Issues, parameters and consequences“, a Special Issue in Democratization, is available now. As part of our open access policy, all articles are available as open access publication at the homepage of Democratization.

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Tina Freyburg, Robert Hubert, Steffen Mohrenberg | 2019

Love at First Sight? Populist Attitudes and Support for Direct Democracy

in: Party Politics, online zuerst.

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Johannes Gerschewski, Alexander Dukalskis | 2019

Adapting or Freezing? Ideological Reactions of Communist Regimes in a Post-Communist World

in: Government & Opposition (online zuerst).

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EDP Wire

20. Oktober 19 | Johannes Gerschewski

Regime Legitimation Strategies (RLS), 1900 to 2018

This EDP Wire contribution summarizes the V-Dem Working Paper “Regime Legitimation Strategies (RLS), 1900 to 2018” that introduces new expert-coded measures of regime legitimation strategies for 179 countries in the world from 1900 up until 2018. The authors of the paper are EDP network member Johannes Gerschewski and his colleagues Marcus Tannenberg (University of Gothenburg), Michael Bernhard (University of Florida), Anna Lührmann (University of Gothenburg), and Christian von Soest (GIGA Institute). The paper is available as open access. The summary was prepared and edited by Nora Berger-Kern.

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19. September 19 | Jalale Getachew Birru

Can the new Ethiopian CSO proclamation open space for CSOs to contribute to the 2020 election of Ethiopia?

This post details the major changes of the 2019 Organizations of Civil Society Proclamation No. 1113/2019 proclamation which aims to open space for CSOs to contribute to the country’s democracy and human right promotion. While the analysis ”Negotiating international civil society support: the case of Ethiopia’s 2009 Charities and Societies Proclamation” sheds light on the process of international negotiations of the old proclamation and outlines the consequences of the proclamation for international civil society support in Ethiopia, the current post presents the differences of the two laws. It concludes by looking forward to the upcoming 2020 general election of Ethiopia.

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