Tina Freyburg, Véronique Wavre | 2020

Leapfrogging the EU: Telecommunications Regulation in Morocco

in: Del Sarto, Raffaella A./Tholens, Simone (eds.), Europe and the Middle East: Contestation beyond Borders, University of Michigan Press, 94-117.

With the European neighbourhood policy (ENP) the EU seeks to expand its rules beyond its borders and make third countries adjust to its regulatory models. In the case of Morroco, however, a third country contested this approach and instead opted for an alternative regulatory framework. Using the example of telecommunications policies, Véronique Wavre and Tina Freyburg explain this case of contestation by focusing on two domestic factors that are usually less examined in traditional external governance approaches: the functional appropriateness of EU rules in a given national context, and a country’s aspiration to emancipate itself from external influences and establish itself as a regional power.

This publication is a chapter within the edited volume „Europe and the Middle East: Contestation beyond Borders“. Read more about the volume here.

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