Julia Leininger | 2017

„On the table or at the table?“ G20 and its cooperation with Africa

in: Global Summitry 3: 2, 193-205.

This article contains an analysis of the cooperation with African governments during the German presidency of the G20 in 2017. The author argues that the G20’s exclusive approach to global rule-making for the world economy contradicts the G20’s aim to support domestic economic development in Africa. The empirical analysis provides a systematic assessment of G20 policies in 2017, in particular the Compact with Africa (CWA). An assessment of the procedural outcomes, such as representation of African governments and institutions, is also given in the article. The empirical analysis is based on insights from the Think 20 process, an official engagement process of the G20. The article concludes that it was innovative to prioritize cooperation with African governments on the G20 agenda and to recognize the importance of African ownership. Although policy implementation of this initiative began right after the G20 Summit in July 2017, especially of the CWA, no deeper engagement of African actors in the G20 process was achieved.

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