19. April 2023 | News

Solveig Richter appointed to platform „Rebuilding Ukraine“

Solveig Richter, Heisenberg Professor at the University of Leipzig, has been appointed by the German government to the „Rebuilding Ukraine“ platform. The aim of the platform is to support the coordination of activities of German-based non-governmental organisations (NGOs) for the reconstruction of Ukraine. The Platform held its kick-off meeting in Berlin on 27 March. The platform brings together organisations with different backgrounds and expertise to find the most efficient and sustainable ways to support the reconstruction of Ukraine and to share lessons learned. Solveig Richter brings her expertise in peace processes and reconstruction in post-conflict countries, with a focus on the Western Balkans, where she researches the impact of financial aid on informal governance structures. Solveig Richter also spoke about the aim and structure of the platform in the MDR podcast AKTUELL.

You can read more on the platform here and listen to the podcast here.




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