Jörg Faust, Julia Leininger | 2014

Supporting democracy abroad: an assessment of leading powers

Washington D.C.: Freedom House.

Supporting Democracy Abroad assesses how well 10 leading democratic countries and the European Union promote democracy and human rights in their foreign policies. These countries are regional or global powers on five continents, ranging from long-established democracies to states that became democratic in the last 25 years.

Although democracy and human rights are traditionally not the primary focus of a country’s foreign policy, they in fact serve economic and political interests in the long term and extend the influence of democratic nations in the world. However, authoritarian states are collaborating economically, militarily, and politically to push back against democracy. If democracies are to effectively counter authoritarian states, the leading democracies must reassess existing policies and adopt a bolder and more consistent strategy. The present study is intended to stimulate such a process.

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