Julia Leininger, Axel Berger, Dirk Messner | 2017

The G20 in 2017: Born in a Financial Crisis—Lost in a Global Crisis? Special Issue.

in: Global Summitry 3: 2.

The special issue The G20 in 2017: Born in a Financial Crisis, Lost in a Global Crisis? provides an overview of the achievements of the German G20 presidency (December 2016 to November 2017) and puts it in the context of an increasingly contested global environment. It includes an assessment of the areas in which the German presidency has successfully carried through its initial priorities and the extent to which the G20 in 2017 has contributed to improved multilateral cooperation. This assessment is based on the contributions to the special issue and includes an overview of their main results in key policy areas, such as climate, taxation, trade, sustainable development and cooperation with Africa.

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