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Category: Publication - Year: 2016

Julia Leininger | 2016

It’s institutions, not theology! Muslim actors’ influence on democratization in Mali

in: Politics and Religion, 9: 4, 815-842.

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Julia Leininger, Charlotte Heyl | 2016

Mali seit 1992: Erfolge und Schwächen einer jungen Demokratie

in: Hofbauer, Martin/Münch, Philipp (eds.): Mali: Wegweiser zur Geschichte, Paderborn: Ferdinand Schöningh, 71-81.

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Jonas Wolff, Lisbeth Zimmermann | 2016

Between Banyans and battle scenes: Liberal norms, contestation, and the limits of critique

in: Review of International Studies, 42: 3, 513-534.

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Sonja Grimm, Lisa Groß | 2016

Conflicts of Preferences and Domestic Constraints: Understanding Reform Failure in Liberal Statebuilding and Democracy Promotion

in: Contemporary Politics, 22: 2, 125-143.

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Julia Leininger, et al. | 2016

How can development policy help to tackle the causes of flight?

Briefing Paper 2/2016, Bonn: German Development Institute.

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Johannes Gerschewski | 2016

Do Ideocracies Constitute a Distinct Subtype of Autocratic Regimes?

in: Backes, Uwe/Kailitz, Steffen (eds): Ideocracies in Comparison, London: Routledge, 88-105.

Jonas Wolff | 2016

Peacebuilding and Democracy Promotion: What current challenges to the latter might tell us for rethinking the former

in: Tobias Debiel/Thomas Held/Ulrich, Schneckener (eds): Peacebuilding in Crisis. Rethinking Paradigms and Practices of Transnational Cooperation, Abingdon: Routledge, 73-90.

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