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Category: Publication - Year: 2023

Sarah von Billerbeck, Birte Julia Gippert, Kseniya Oksamytna, Oisín Tansey | 2023

Theorizing Decision-Making in International Bureaucracies: UN Peacekeeping Operations and Responses to Norm Violations

In: International Studies Quarterly, Volume 67, Issue 4.

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Anita Breuer, Julia Leininger, Daniele Malerba, Jale Tosun | 2023

Integrated Policymaking: Institutional Designs for Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In: World Development, Volume 170, Issue 3.

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Hassam Hussein, Benjamin Schütze | 2023

The Geopolitical Economy of an Undermined Energy Transition: The Case of Jordan

In: Energy Policy, Volume 180.

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Benjamin Schütze | 2023

Follow the Grid, Follow the Violence: The Project for a Transregional Mediterranean Electricity Ring

In: Middle East Critique 2023.

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Jan Matti Dollbaum, Véronique Dudouet, Sonja Grimm, Sebastian Hellmeier | 2023

Pro-Democracy Movements in a Comparative Perspective

In: Frontiers in Political Science, Volume 5.

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Inken Borzyskowski, Felicity Vabulas | 2023

When Do Withdrawal Threats Achieve Reform in International Organizations?

In: Global Perspectives Volume 4, Issue 1. pp 1-18.

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Sonja Grimm | 2023

Investigating the Root Causes of Fragility

In: David Carment / Yiagadeesen Samy, (eds.) Handbook of Fragile States, Ottowa: Edward Elgar Publishing.

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Anja Mihr, Brigitte Weiffen | 2023

China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Curse or Blessing for Democracy in Eurasia?

In: Securitization and Democracy in Eurasia, pp 245-254.

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Milton Carlos Bragatti , Brigitte Weiffen | 2023

The Deterioration of South America’s Security Architecture: from Cooperation to Coexistence?

In: International Relations.

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Inken von Borzyskowski, Clara Portela | 2023

Global Governance From Below: Regional Sanctions as Drivers of UN Sanctions

In: Journal of Conflict Resolution Volume 67, issue 10.

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Felix S. Bethke, Jonas Wolff | 2023

Lockdown of expression: civic space restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic as a response to mass protests

In: Democratization pp. 1-19.

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Julia Gurol, Alke Jenss, Fabricio Rodríguez, Benjamin Schütze, Cita Wetterich | 2023

Authoritarian Power and Contestation beyond the State

In: Globalizations pp 1-14.

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Alke Jenss, Benjamin Schütze | 2023

Prefiguring Politics: Transregional Energy Infrastructures as a Lens for the Study of Authoritarian Practices

In: Globalizations pp 1-16.

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Jonas Wolff | 2023

The Deconstruction and Reproduction of Mistrust

In: ConTrust Working Paper No. 4

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Jonas Wolff | 2023

Human Rights Movements across Latin America

In: The Oxford Handbook of Latin American Social Movements, pp 422-438.

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Sarah von Billerbeck | 2023

Organizational Narratives and Self-Legitimation in International Organizations

In: International Affairs, Volume 99, Issue 3

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Johannes Gerschewski | 2023

The Two Logics of Autocratic Rule

Cambridge University Press

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Leonie Holthaus, Jonas Wolff | 2023

Practices of Policy Orientation: A Study of the Heterogeneous Field of Democracy Promotion Research

In: International Studies Review, Volume 25, Issue 1

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