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Category: Publication - Year: 2024

Marina Nord, Fabio Angiolillo, Martin Lundstedt, Felix Wiebrecht, Staffan I. Lindberg | 2024

When autocratization is reversed: Episodes of democratic turnarounds since 1900

In: V-Dem Working Paper No. 147

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Benjamin Schütze | 2024

‘Seizing the Moment’: Arab-Israeli normalization, infrastructure as a means to bypass politics and the promotion of an Israeli-Jordanian transit trade-route

In: Geopolitics, 1-25

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Irenne Weipert-Fenner, Federico M. Rossi, Nadine Sika, Jonas Wolff | 2024

Trust and social movements: A new research agenda

In: International Journal of Comparative Sociology, Volume 0: Ahead of Print

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Marina Nord, Martin Lundstedt, David Altman, Fabio Angiolillo, Cecilia Borella, Tiago Fernandes, Lisa Gastaldi, Ana Good-God, Staffan I. Lindberg | 2024

Democracy report 2024: Democracy winning and losing at the ballot

In: V-Dem Democracy Report 2024

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Isabel Lopera-Arbeláez , Solveig Richter | 2024

Transformative approaches for peace-centred sustainable development: The role of social and solidarity economy

In: World Development Perspectives, Volume 34, 100593

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Inken von Borzyskowski, Felicity Vabulas | 2024

Public support for withdrawal from international organizations: Experimental evidence from the US

In: The Review of International Organizations, Volume 19, Issue 2

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Fabio Angiolillo, Martin Lundstedt, Marina Nord , Staffan I. Lindberg | 2024

State of the world 2023: democracy winning and losing at the ballot

In: Democratization, ahead of print

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Kseniya Oksamytna, Sarah von Billerbeck | 2024

Race and International Organizations

In: International Studies Quarterly, Volume 68, Issue 2

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Mónica Amador-Jimenez, Pablo Andres Ramos Baron, Solveig Richter | 2024

Complementary ways of seeing “the Nature”: Integrating varieties of knowledge practices in the management of local environmental conflicts in Colombia

In: Environment and Security, Volume 2, Issue 1, 47-74

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Irene Weipert-Fenner , Jonas Wolff | 2024

Speaking Across Areas: The South-South Travel of Concepts as a Neglected Dimension of the Area Studies Debate

In: International Studies Review, Volume 26, Issue 1, 19–21

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Julia Leininger, Armin von Schiller, Charlotte Fiedler | 2024

Strengthening social cohesion to mitigate human insecurity: Promise and peril

In: Human Development Report 2023/24, Breaking the gridlock: reimagining cooperation in a polarized world, New York: UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), 163-166

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Julia Leininger, Armin von Schiller | 2024

What works in democracy support? How to fill evidence and usability gaps through evaluation

In: Evaluation, Volume 30, Issue 1

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Dorothea Gädeke | 2024


In: Frank Lovett and Mortimer Sellers (eds.): The Oxford Handbook of Republicanism, Oxford University Press

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Charlotte Fiedler, Hugo Marcos-Marne, Karina Mross | 2024

COVID-19 and political trust in local governments: evidence from Nepal

In: Political Studies Review, Volume 0: Ahead of Print

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Antonia Witt, Jonas Wolff, Melanie Coni-Zimmer, Sabine Mannitz, Sophia Birchinger | 2024

Coercion in Peacebuilding: A Conceptual Framework

In: PRIF Working Papers No. 61, 2024, Peace Researcg Institute Frankfurt

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