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Category: Publication - Year: 2014

Jörg Faust, Julia Leininger | 2014

Supporting democracy abroad: an assessment of leading powers

Washington D.C.: Freedom House.

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Julia Leininger, Sebastian Ziaja | 2014

Conflicting objectives in democracy promotion: avoiding blueprint traps and incomplete democratic transitions

Briefing Paper 11/2014, Bonn: German Development Institute.

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Jörn Grävingholt, Julia Leininger | 2014

Evaluating statebuilding support: learning from experience or judging from assumptions?

in: Andersen, Ole Winckler/Bull, Beat / Megan Kennedy-Chouane (eds.): Evaluation methodologies for aid in conflict, London: Routledge, 154-174.

Julia Leininger | 2014

A strong norm for democratic governance in Africa

Stockholm: International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA).

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Johannes Gerschewski, Wolfgang Merkel | 2014

Stabilität autokratischer Herrschaft

in: Braml, Josef/Merkel, Wolfgang/Sandschneider, Eberhard (eds.): Außenpolitik mit Autokratien, DGAP-Jahrbuch Internationale Politik, Munich: Oldenbourg, 43-56.

Wolfgang Merkel, Johannes Gerschewski | 2014

Demokratische Transformationen nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg

in: Kollmorgen, Raj/Merkel, Wolfgang/Wagener, Hans-Jürgen (eds.), Handbuch Transformationsforschung, Wiesbaden: VS Springer, 339-353.

Annika Elena Poppe, Bentje Woitschach, Jonas Wolff | 2014

Freedom Fighter versus Civilian Power. An ideal-type comparison of US and German conceptions of democracy promotion

in: Wolff, Jonas/Spanger, Hans-Joachim/Puhle, Hans-Jürgen (eds.): The Comparative International Politics of Democracy Promotion, London: Routledge, 37-60.

Sonja Grimm, Nicolas Lemay-Hebert, Olivier Nay | 2014

Fragile States: A Political Concept. A Third World Quarterly Special Issue

in: Third World Quarterly, 35: 3 [also published as Special Issue Book, London: Routledge].

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Lisa Groß, Sonja Grimm | 2014

The External-Domestic Interplay in Democracy Promotion: A Case Study on Public Administration Reform in Croatia

in: Democratization 21: 5, 912-936.

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Maria Pawelec, Sonja Grimm | 2014

Does National Identity Matter? EU Political Conditionality and Serbia’s Cooperation with the ICTY

in: Journal of Common Market Studies 52: 6, 1290-1306

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Sonja Grimm, Nicolas Lemay-Hebert, Olivier Nay | 2014

Fragile States: Introducing a Political Concept

in: Third World Quarterly 35: 3, 197-209.

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Sonja Grimm | 2014

The European Union’s Ambiguous Concept of ‘State Fragility’

in: Third World Quarterly 35: 3, 252-267.

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Tanja Anita Börzel, Vera van Hüllen | 2014

One voice, one message, but conflicting goals: cohesiveness and consistency in the European Neighbourhood Policy

in: Journal of European Public Policy 21:7, 1033–1049.

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Tanja Anita Börzel, Vera van Hüllen | 2014

State-Building and the European Union’s Fight against Corruption in the Southern Caucasus: Why Legitimacy Matters

In: Governance. An International Journal of Policy, Administration, and Institutions 27:4, 613-634.

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Dorothea Gädeke | 2014

Externe Demokratieförderung und kollektive Selbstbestimmung. Zu normativen Grundlagen und -grenzen einer umstrittenen Praxis

in: Kadelbach, Stefan (ed.), Effektiv oder gerecht? Die normativen Grundlagen der Entwicklungspolitik, Frankfurt: Campus, 214-252.

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Jonas Wolff, Hans-Joachim Spanger, Hans-Jürgen Puhle | 2014

The Comparative International Politics of Democracy Promotion

London: Routledge.

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Jonas Wolff | 2014

The question of self-determination in international democracy promotion

PRIF Working Paper 19 (March 2014), Frankfurt: Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF).

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Jonas Wolff | 2014

From the Unity of Goodness to Conflicting Objectives: The Inherent Tensions in the External Promotion of Democracy and Civil Society

in: Beichelt, Timm/Hahn-Fuhr, Irene/Schimmelfennig, Frank/Worschech, Susann (eds.): Civil Society and Democracy Promotion, Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan, 67-85.

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